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New DAP Split Pay: A new, lower cost alternative to utility deposits

Aug 31, 2018

The Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) provides power, water and gas companies a simple, elegant alternative to the traditional refundable deposit for utility customers.

DAP Split Pay is the latest option from Deposit Alternatives, LLC, a company that prides itself on flexibility, and providing Simple Secure Solutions for its clients.   

“The split payment idea is just another example of our commitment to providing the best and most innovative solutions for our clients.  Utility companies and their customers are both winners with DAP Split Pay. “said Mike Kerce, Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve incorporated it into our DAP offerings across the board, and are thrilled to provide one more option for our utility clients and their customers.  DAP Split Pay makes service activation more accessible than ever.” 

The lower price option on day one, which can be as little as 25% of the traditional deposit under DAP Split Pay appeals to mobile young adults, starting families, low-income customers and anyone on a budget.  Mr. Kerce stated further, “One customer who recently implemented DAP Split Pay has seen its enrollments skyrocket in just the first two months.  Another one of our existing customers is seeing a selection rate of greater than 80 percent of DAP over traditional utility deposits.” 

Deposit Alternatives, LLC launched its revolutionary alternative to the traditional utility deposit process in June 2016.  The company partners with utilities throughout the U. S. to offer a risk-free alternative that benefits both the utility and its customers. 

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