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Rob Samuels joins Deposit Alternatives as VP of Sales, Marketing

Aug 10, 2018

Deposit Alternatives LLC is proud to announce that Rob Samuels has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With 20 years experience in sales, sales leadership and startup growth, Samuels brings a competitive spirit and firsthand experience to Deposit Alternatives’ sales and marketing team.

Samuels delivers strong skills in team building and a history of creative strategies to the position. Most recently, as Vice President of Sales at American Painting and Renovations, he led the largest growth in that company’s history. Prior to that, as National Sales Manager and later Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Multifamily Utility Company, Samuels increased company sales by more than 300 percent nationally, and was brought in to close deals with a 90 percent closing ratio.

Deposit Alternatives launched in June 2016 with a revolutionary alternative to the utility industry’s traditional deposit for security-required customers. Its deposit alternative plan (DAP) gives a customer the option of a nonrefundable charge (less than half the traditional deposit amount) to activate service. Split-DAP allows customers to handle that charge in two installments. DAP-Plus reimburses the utility up to 125 percent of the traditional deposit, in case of default.

Samuels stands poised to take that message to market, putting his sales and marketing muscle behind this bold new idea for the utility sector. He has taken other young companies to big-player status and relishes that opportunity with Deposit Alternatives.

“My first reaction was definitely intrigue,” Samuels said of DAP, a first-to-market feature that has already piqued interest with utilities. “Middle- to lower-income families make up the majority of this country, so when you’re giving an alternative to the people who need it the most, that’s very gratifying. The fact that we’ve got something that everybody wants, and we’re the only ones who have it right now, is incredibly exciting.”

Deposit Alternatives’ leaders and their strong business background were major draws, too, for Samuels. “These are some of the smartest men I’m ever going to work with,” Samuels said of Chairman John Palmer, telecommunications pioneer and former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, Chief Executive Officer Mike Kerce and Chief Operating Officer Steve Shelton.

Mike Kerce, Deposit Alternatives CEO, said, “Rob’s sales and marketing expertise fills a crucial niche for Deposit Alternatives, and his energy and experience will be vital as we take DAP to utilities nationwide. We’re delighted to have him onboard and can’t wait to see him in action.”

Samuels will focus first on educating the market and creating buzz about DAP benefits at trade shows and conferences across the country, building relationships and delivering the strong customer service that has been a career hallmark.

Based in Atlanta, Samuels and his two sons are all lacrosse players. He also coaches and volunteers as vice president of boys lacrosse for a club team. 

In both his coaching and his career leadership, every voice counts, Samuels said. His competitive spirit, focus on fundamentals and team-first management style are as key in the professional setting as they are on the playing field.

“I hate to lose,” said Samuels, “so I’m ‘all in’ on everything I do."

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